Why Wall Street Money is Pouring into American Small Towns

The last time anything like this happened was back in 1973…

Early investors saw gains over 3,500% in just five years.

And 117,000 new jobs were created. This small town went on to become one of the richest areas in the U.S. with 74 billionaires and over 76,000 millionaires calling it home.

Now, it’s happening again.

One large firm is investing $100 billion into a small American town. There’s a 3.6-mile road there that could be the most important place in the world right now.

Yet, most people don’t even know about it.

That’s why I sent a camera crew to see what’s going on here. And I’m sharing the whole story with you today.

This mega opportunity could even be unfolding right in your backyard! And it’s creating a massive buying opportunity.

Check this out…

(Or read the transcript here.)

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  • Investing Opportunity: Small town boom = a massive buying opportunity you won’t want to miss. [1:32]
  • Market News: Survey says — economists see an optimistic outlook for the U.S. economy in 2024, skirting a recession if the labor market holds steady. [6:52]
  • Mega Trend: The pet health market (specifically diagnostics) is innovating, helping your furry family members live longer, heathier lives. This Strategic Fortunes stock is a great way to invest in this trend [stock name + ticker revealed]! [13:40]
  • World of Crypto: Crypto’s had a volatile week. But here’s a huge announcement about the future of Ethereum. [17:52]

More Edge:

Locals are getting cash offers for over $1 million on their homes that sold for low six figures just a few years ago…

And one of Wall Street’s biggest investors is behind all of it.

What is going on in this small town?

What I’ve seen could mean it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Click here to see all the details.

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1 Way to Navigate the Summer Market Slump

Why does the stock market hate August so much?

Perhaps it was rekindled fears of Federal Reserve rate hikes … or the fact that bond yields hit a 16-year high … or maybe, after a torrid first half of the year, investors just needed a breather.

But when the market is in a rough patch, I like to take a minute to assess other aspects of my financial life.

Remember — your trading and investment profits are only one part of your real “return.”

Taxes and other considerations, like employer matching on your 401(k), can be dramatically more important.

Let’s take a look.

Most employers with a 401(k) plan offer at least some level of matching. Every plan is a little different, but the average is around 4%.

For the first 4% of your salary, you squirrel away into a 401(k) plan, your employer might match you dollar for dollar. That means an instant risk-free “return” of 100%.

Now, no one in the history of finance has ever generated instant risk-free returns of 100%…

Not Warren Buffett.

Not George Soros.

Not even Jesse Livermore himself.

It’s impossible. And yet it’s available to anyone with a corporate 401(k) plan.

The tax savings can be huge if you are a high-income earner.

Let’s say you’re in the 35% tax bracket. Every dollar you put into the 401(k) plan gives you an instant 35% risk-free “return” due to the tax break.

And with matching, we haven’t made any assumptions about investment returns. This assumes you left the contributions in cash or risk-free Treasurys.

So, yes… The market has been in the dumps this past month… Who cares?

You can still grow your nest egg quite handsomely simply by taking advantage of matching and tax savings.

In 2023, you can stuff up to $22,500 into a corporate 401(k) plan or as much as $29,000 if you are 50 or older. But we’re now near the end of August, and we’re running out of time this tax year.

If you’re not on pace to max out your plan, step up your contributions now. The earlier you up your contributions, the more time you have to actually hit the maximums.

And what can you do with all that extra money?

Here’s one idea: Invest in this small town hiding a $1.4 trillion secret. Ian King hired a camera crew to capture footage of what’s taking place there.

For the full story — and details about how you can invest — click here.


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