A $40 Trillion Market Disruptor

Energy storage…

It’s a key component in making renewable energy (like wind and solar) more reliable and affordable.

Renewable energy aims to help reduce carbonation in our atmosphere. This way, we can better preserve the environment, while not sacrificing economic development and infrastructure.

Energy storage is also the key to maintaining and expanding our electric grid, making it more efficient.

For the first time, the global energy storage market is set to add 50 gigawatts of capacity in 2024…

All thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Tune in to today’s video to learn more about “AI Energy” — and two ways you can start investing in this growing mega trend.

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 🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: Are we headed for “stagflation?” The Federal Reserve’s upcoming rate decision will hold sway on the market’s next direction, even into the summer months. We also cover expectations for the April jobs report, as well as what’s going on with inflation and consumer spending. [1:05]
  • Tech Trends: The global energy storage market (a $40 trillion disruptor) is growing at a breakneck pace — all thanks to AI. [6:50]
  • Investing Opportunity No. 1: If you want to invest in AI Energy, this stock (name + ticker included!) is one of our top picks. [7:58]
  • Investing Opportunity No. 2: You can learn more about two more stocks that will benefit from the growing AI Energy market in this free webinar.
  • Crypto Corner: What are the “real-world” uses of cryptocurrency? Well, this crypto token incentivizes people to leave mobile providers, like Verizon and AT&T, and create their own mobile plan. I also share my take on “the good-for-nothing blockchains.” (Or in other words, which cryptos you shouldn’t invest in.) [11:39]

📈 More Edge: Invest With AI

I’ve recommended investing in AI, but I can also help you invest with AI.

Over the past year, I’ve developed an AI trading system called Sigma 180.

We took a 40-year-old market timing indicator that was first developed by a PhD engineer and went on to be used by top Wall Street investors for decades … and modernized it for today’s market.

We did this by looking back over the last decade, through thousands of trades, and millions of different scenarios that we had to play out — spending hundreds of hours designing, calibrating and testing various signals in all different markets using artificial intelligence.

What we found was that, by fine-tuning this strategy, it could beat the S&P 10-to-1.

And our backtested data revealed this strategy had a 72% accuracy rate.

Learn more about investing with my new AI trading service here.

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Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes

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