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10 Most Affordable Minneapolis Suburbs

Minneapolis, MN, “The City of Lakes,” is quickly becoming home for many Minnesotans and out-of-staters alike. With its picturesque views of the Mississippi River, outstanding restaurants, and iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that close to 445,000 people live in Minneapolis. And if you’re thinking about moving to the city, you’ll find that the average rent price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Minneapolis is $1,625, the median home sale price is $340,000, and the housing market is somewhat competitive.

If those prices are out of your budget, don’t worry. We’ve got options to help you find a home. We’ve rounded up a list of the 10 best affordable Minneapolis suburbs to consider living in – and they’re all under a 35-minute drive from the city. From a reasonable commute time to an easy weekend getaway, you’ll still be close enough to Minneapolis to explore all the city has to offer – without the price of living there. 

#1: Hopkins

Median home price: $272,500
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Hopkins, MN homes for sale
Hopkins, MN apartments for rent

Hopkins, with a median home sale price of $272,500, lands the number one spot on our list as the most affordable Minneapolis suburb. Just about a 15-minute drive away from Minneapolis, you won’t miss out on finding all the city’s hidden gems. Living in Hopkins, you can spend time exploring Burnes Park, learning about the area’s history at the Hopkins Historical Society, or checking out the exhibits at Hopkins Center for the Arts.

#2: Hastings

Median home price: $285,000
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 35 minutes
Hastings, MN homes for sale
Hastings, MN apartments for rent

Hastings is Minneapolis’s second most affordable suburb, with a median home sale price of $285,000. Only 35 minutes from the city center, you’ll be visiting Minnehaha Regional Park in just a quick drive. While living in Hastings, make sure to explore Hastings Water Park or grab a bite to eat at one of the many riverfront restaurants.

#3: Circle Pines

Median home price: $291,000
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 20 minutes
Circle Pines, MN homes for sale
Circle Pines, MN apartments for rent

20 minutes away from downtown Minneapolis, you’ll find yourself in the suburb of Circle Pines. Even with a population of about 5,000, there are plenty of cool areas to explore in Circle Pines. If you find yourself moving here, make sure to visit Golden Lake Park to spend a sunny afternoon fishing, boating, or playing tennis. 

affordable minneapolis suburbs view from a lake

#4: Lexington (tie)

Median home price: $300,000
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 20 minutes
Lexington, MN homes for sale
Lexington, MN apartments for rent

Located just west of Circle Pines is Lexington, the next suburb on our list. About 4,500 people live in this Minneapolis suburb, where you’ll find Lexington Memorial Park. And weekend trips into downtown Minneapolis won’t take you too long, only about 20 minutes if you’re lucky to catch a traffic-free drive. 

#4: Coon Rapids (tie)

Median home price: $300,000
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 30 minutes
Coon Rapids, MN homes for sale
Coon Rapids, MN apartments for rent

Tying Lexington for the fourth spot on our list is Coon Rapids. Just 30 minutes outside of Minneapolis, Coon Rapids is another great area to add to your list of places to consider moving to. Home to 65,000 residents, this affordable town can be a great choice for people looking to remain close to Minneapolis without paying the price for a home in the city. Living in Coon Rapids, you’ll find Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, the Mississippi River Regional Trail, and the Lilli Putt, a mini-golf course. Don’t forget to stop by Coon Rapids Ice Center as you’re checking out the town. 

#6: Columbia Heights

Median home price: $312,500
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Columbia Heights, MN homes for sale
Columbia Heights, MN apartments for rent

Sixth on the list is another well-known Minneapolis suburb, Columbia Heights, where the home prices are about $30K less than in Minneapolis. With roughly 20,300 people calling Columbia Heights home, it’s a great area to consider buying a house or renting an apartment in. There are lots of activities to do in this suburb like checking out Kordiak Park, among many other local favorites.

spoonbridge and cherry sculpture in minneapolis

#7: Fridley

Median home price: $314,000
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Fridley, MN homes for sale
Fridley, MN apartments for rent

Seventh on our list of affordable Minneapolis suburbs is Fridley, which is almost 15 minutes away from the heart of the city. With a population of about 28,000, living in Fridley is a great alternative to city life. Don’t miss out on visiting Moore Lake Park or Manomin Park once living in Fridley.

#8: Robbinsdale

Median home price: $321,500
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Robbinsdale, MN homes for sale
Robbinsdale, MN apartments for rent

If you’ve lived in Minneapolis for a while, chances are you know of Robbinsdale. About 14,000 people live in Robbinsdale, so you’ll have a fraction of Minneapolis’s population while remaining close to the city and its attractions. Make sure to visit Lakeview Terrace Park, Manor Park, or the art exhibits at Robbin Gallery once you move to Robbinsdale. 

#9: Brooklyn Park

Median home price: $323,000
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Brooklyn Park, MN homes for sale
Brooklyn Park, MN apartments for rent

Without traffic, you’ll be in downtown Minneapolis in about 15 minutes, making Brooklyn Park a great place to consider moving to. Close to 80,000 people live in this suburb, but you’ll find lots to do in Brooklyn Park. Fun activities to check out in Brooklyn Park include exploring Mississippi Gateway Regional Park and the Brooklyn Park Activity Center.

#10: Farmington

Median home price: $335,212
Driving distance from Minneapolis: 35 minutes
Farmington, MN homes for sale
Farmington, MN apartments for rent

Rounding out our list of affordable Minneapolis suburbs is Farmington. If you’re lucky to avoid traffic, it’ll only take about 35 minutes to drive into Minneapolis. This suburb has a population of 23,000 and is home to Fountain Valley Golf Club and Rambling River Park. There’s always something to check out while living in this awesome suburb.


Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Minneapolis and under a 35-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during April 2022. Average rental data from May 2022. Population data sourced from United States Census Bureau.

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