5 Properties After Spending 8 Years in Prison

What if you treated the lowest point in your life as a beginning instead of an end? What if you were told real estate investing could be the second chance you’re looking for? Why give up when you could level up?

Today’s guest, Jason Peterson, took back control of his life by doing exactly that. Instead of giving into adversity and strife, Jason found a way to turn his life around, through real estate investing. After eight years of incarceration, Jason went from a zero credit score to buying his first property a year and a half after his release. Now, he has acquired five properties and is on the path to becoming financially free. He did all this with the help of his mentor, support from his loved ones, and the education he received in a sandwich shop. So, what’s stopping you?

We touch on topics like overcoming adversity, finding a mentor, seller credits, building credit, and how to invest with little capital. If you’re at a breaking point or need the motivation to keep going in the real estate investing game, this episode is perfect for you!

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In This Episode We Cover

  • Overcoming adversity and not letting your past define your future
  • Investing and buying properties with little capital or credit
  • How the use of a mentor can help elevate your knowledge
  • The risk involved in house hacking or investing and why it’s ultimately worth it
  • The use of seller credits and how to get creative with your financing
  • How to build the credit you need to invest (even if you’re starting from zero!)
  • The time-tested buy and hold method and its advantages for rookie investors
  • And So Much More!

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