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Moving season is fast approaching, are you ready for it?

Did you know that August has been one of the most popular months to move home for the last twelve years? That means there’s plenty of time still to prepare. Of course, August isn’t the only upcoming month bursting with prospective new tenants. We may be approaching ‘the Spring Bounce’ which is something worth preparing for.

Alternative starting paragraph: Did you know that we may be approaching the “Spring Bounce”? Although August has been one of the most popular months to move home for the last twelve years, it’s not the only upcoming period bursting with prospective new tenants. And this one is well worth preparing for.

What is the spring bounce?

The ‘Spring Bounce’ got its name from the sharp up-tick, therefore bounce, in interest in the housing market at this time. More people are searching for, inquiring about, and investing in long-lets. Indeed, new homes.

Spring is one of the busiest times for the property market, for many reasons. ‘Spring cleaning’ can sometimes apply to lifestyles. AKA, tenants may be looking for a fresh start in the new year. Your property could very well be that fresh start. So, you yourself might be looking to invest in new properties. What better time to invest and expand than during the moving season?

How long does moving season last?

Studies suggest that ‘moving season’ can last from Spring all the way through to the end of Summer. Notably August, as we mentioned.

One of the main reasons for this is families. Families often move during the British Summer Holidays. Not only are these an impressive six weeks of free time to prepare for and start a move — but it also makes sense for their children. Moving during this time doesn’t disrupt their school time. They can get use to their new home, and unfamiliar environment, for a few weeks. Thus, they can settle before the nerve-wracking experience of starting a new school.

One benefit of families moving during this time is that families look for larger long-lets. You can feel assured that they will stay for a lengthy period, also. Families will often stay in one home for years at a time as not to disrupt the lives of their children. Of course, larger properties also carry larger rents. You stand to benefit from adapting to moving season, as well as perfecting your properties for the oncoming swathe of prospective clientele.

Additionally, students can sometimes leave sorting their accommodation to the last minute. Whether they are busy or simply forget, it happens. This means that September is also an ideal time to let smaller properties, particularly to students looking for a quick and easy move.

Is there such a thing as a quick and easy move?

Yes! Though, as a landlord, you may beg to differ. Sometimes it may seem like the moving process is full of stress, for everyone involved. Many factors can act as stressors. The threat of void periods looms, tenants could be troublesome, forms may seem endless and do more harm than good. That’s where Clooper comes in.

Clooper is constantly listening to the customer – if something doesn’t work or resonate, it’s tweaked and adapted. That’s partly why our platform is so well adapted to your needs to speed along the moving process, for everyone involved. All this without glossing over vital details or missing important steps.

What exactly is Clooper?

Clooper is a tech-enabled marketplace of holiday lets, serviced accommodation, serviced apartments, and long-term rentals. Our marketplace is as diverse as possible, to meet your current and future needs. We utilize our pre-existing network, as well as global advertising efforts, to secure both corporate and private tenants for our accommodation suppliers and landlords.

Clooper’s’ algorithms are constantly sourcing, promoting, and matching tenants to properties. In addition, our marketing and customer success team are efficient and readily available. Our management team has over one hundred years of combined knowledge and experience in providing high-quality accommodation, and that’s just the beginning.

How exactly we can help you

To take advantage of the upcoming moving season, you’ll need to be prepared. Clooper takes the hassle out of preparation in two ways.

The first is by being with you every step of the way. Without taking you out of the driver’s seat. All you need to do is add your property details using our simple interface and get your property listed in minutes. After that? Simply sit back while we advertise for you. Clooper matches you with prospective tenants. You then contact the ones of your choosing and start finding your perfect match straight away.

Clooper also automatically advertises your property on other platforms. Not only do you have access to our marketplace this way, but your listing is also added to Zoopla. Clooper is notably a marketplace for all sorts of properties — short-lets and long-lets. However, as moving season looms there has been a sharp up-tick in interest in long-lets.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to maximize your earnings through moving season, the time to start preparing is now. Prepare with the help of some of the best minds in the market with Clooper.

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