Accelerated Income System Could Solve the U.S. Retirement Crisis

Maybe you’ve heard this one…

A frog falls into a pot of boiling water, and jumps right out. It’s scalded and shaken, but alive.

Then another frog falls into a simmering pot of water as it slowly comes to a boil.

The frog doesn’t notice the change in temperature.

At first it just feels like a nice, warm bath.

By the time he realizes he’s being boiled alive, it’s already too late.

No, this is not the O’Dell family’s secret recipe for Frog Stew.

It’s a metaphor for America’s ongoing retirement crisis — a crisis that most investors and government officials seem like they’d rather ignore.

But it’s a serious crisis all the same.

Facing the Facts: America’s “Phantom” Retirement Crisis

According to a recent study, people believe they need $1.46 million to retire comfortably.

A 54% increase from 2020, when people thought $951,000 was the “magic number.”

The problem is … the average adult only has $88,400 stashed away.

When you consider that the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average retired American spends $4,345 per month — around $52,000 per year…

And, according to the Social Security Administration, the average benefit is a paltry $1,800 a month…

At that rate, retirees are destined to run out of money within the first two years…

And will have to go back to work during their golden years.

  1. Rowe Price calls it “unretiring.” About 20% of retired Americans have already had to do it.

One in eight retirees are planning to go back to work this year… and more than a third of retirees are considering it.

You can see we are looking at a very real retirement crisis in America.

It’s a whole new kind of challenge.

One that calls for radical new solutions, and new strategies for maximizing safe income.

Fortunately, my colleague Mike Carr has just the answer…

Accelerate Your Income in 2024 (and Beyond)

If you’re not a financial professional, chances are you’ve never heard of a “box trade.”

Box trades are often used by hedge funds and Wall Street mega-funds to lock in steady cash flow for their investors.

Mike’s newest strategy delivers the same consistent money-making potential to Main Street investors.

The results are nothing less than transformative.

Mike’s strategy already has a 95%-win rate over the last year…

Only making trades between Wednesday and Friday of each week…

Collecting profits within 48 hours each time.

It’s truly a shocking new system — and has the potential to revolutionize retirement accounts, as Mike explained in his special video presentation.

But I want to tackle the subject from a different angle today…

I want to show you how Mike has not only created a remarkable income and retirement tool … but an absolute market-crushing machine.

Mike Carr vs. the World (or at Least Wall Street)

Consider this: Over the last year, Mike’s new “Accelerated Income” system displayed the power to grow a portfolio by 199%.

We’re talking about the ability to turn a $10,000 account into almost $30,000…

A $100,000 account into $300,000.

Now, here’s the thing. For the average person, these are just numbers.

So I wanted to draw them out a little and lay them out in the full light of day for you to really grasp what an achievement this is.

For perspective, the market has moved up sharply in a historic rally over the last year. We’re talking about a 24% gain.

Mike’s system had the power to crush this by more than 800%.

But that’s only part of the story. Below is a chart I had our team pull together of Mike’s Accelerated Income system’s potential … versus some of the top fund managers in the world.

Accelerated Income Potential Growth of $10,000 Investment over 1 Year with Additional Investments

You can see clearly … nobody else would have come even close.

That’s the firepower you stand to add to your trading arsenal — all of it built on the back of Mike’s proprietary system.

Mike just released a brand-new webinar to show you precisely how returns like these could be possible using his system…

How it had the power to deliver 199% growth over the last year…

Nailing a 95%-win rate…

And capturing 24- to 48-hour profits from companies like Nvidia, Netflix, Adobe and Enphase.

Once again, this is a radical new solution to America’s growing retirement crisis.

And if you’d like to hear more about it, watch Mike’s special video presentation here.

To good profits,

Adam O’Dell

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Markets

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